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Get more security at an affordable price, acquiring your Transponder Gps for only 240 dollars per year, the second year you only pay 20 dollars per month. Transponder GPS is a smart GPS device that allows you to find and track your vehicles in real time, providing security and peace of mind for your family. With coverage in Mexico, the United States and Canada With Transponder GPS you will have automatic alerts on your mobile phone. You will receive alerts for speed, movement, SOS button and engine stop. Our service includes SIM, Android / IOS application for free download and without contracts.

** Alerts can be configured according to the car model **

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With the exclusive and revolutionary GPS/GSM tracking, Transponder GPS uses exclusive technology to accurately locate any vehicle, a GPS with global technology with great coverage in Mexico the United States and Canada.

Transponder GPS uses global position satellite technology to locate outdoors with an accuracy of 5 meters. It includes a SIM card, once installed and activated the device works from the first moment; easy to use and works in seconds.

How does it work?

The installer will simply connect the GPS to the dashboard of your vehicle, by means of a code that will arrive in your package, you can activate the device. The GPS and cellular technology sends the information to the Transponder GPS servers, where you can access the information from any safe place and in real time.

Transponder GPS allows you to:

  • Track the whereabouts of your vehicles.
  • Speed Alert: Receive alerts once the device exceeds the preset speed.
  • Motion Alert: Receive alerts once the device begins to move.
  • SOS alert once the SOS button is pressed.
  • Towing service alerts
  • Personalized support, receive personalized attention from our app.
  • Mobile app a simple and practical solution that is at your fingertips to protect your whole family. FREE DOWNLOAD for Android and IPhone.

Key benefits

  • No activation or cancellation fees | No contracts
  • Low monthly subscription after the end of the year of $20 dollars
  • Coverage United States, Mexico and Canada Transponder GPS can be tracked through the smartphone application anywhere there is GSM cell reception.
  • SOS Button: With one press of the SOS button, the location can be broadcast via app notification.
  • Real Time Tracking: GPS and GSM provide instant, highly accurate current location
  • Free Android and iPhone APPS
  • Customer service and phone or mail support from dedicated experts.

What’s in the box

  • 1Transponder GPS device
  • 1 SIM card included
  • 1 SOS Button
  • 1 Electric line
  • 1 disabled motor
  • Instruction manual


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