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Milano, 19th June 2015

A walking girl, an elegant observer, a woman intrigued by the world around her; six digital heroines, narrated via the drawings of 6 artists, give birth to Prada Raw Avenue, the new eyewear project by Prada.

In the ongoing quest for innovation, research, and exploration to combine different milieus such as fashion, visual design and technology, Prada Raw Avenue reveals a virtual catwalk where the different iconic looks interpreted by curious women are mixed with Prada Raw wooden sunglasses, the unique and constant accessory.

Carly Kuhn (TBC), Megan Hess, Blair Breitenstein, Judith Van De Hoeke, Wong Ping and Vida Vega, international illustrators with diverse practices and disciplines, narrate their personal visions of the eyewear project through drawings and short animations.

Prada Raw Avenue will allow users to discover the new eyewear collection by interactively flipping through the works of the illustrators and to express their preferences and share their favourite animated interpretation. The experience is across all platforms: smartphone, tablet and desktop and will be available at  prada.

Prada Raw Avenue will be unveiled on the 18th of June with a full roll out from the 26th June.

The Prada Raw Eyewear collection

In keeping with the brand’s innovative spirit, the Prada Raw Eyewear collection, which inspired the Avenue project, is the result of an unprecedented combination of contemporary design and precious materials – black walnut and ‘Malabar’ ebony – which offers the wearer a unique tactile and aesthetic experience.

Thanks to a special “layered” manufacturing technique, which makes the wood surprisingly malleable, the new models ensure a lightweight feel, comfort and a perfect, snug fit.

The natural irregularity of the wood’s veining turns each pair of glasses into a unique creation, the utmost expression of masterly craftsmanship.

The sunglasses are now available in all Prada Stores and selected dealers around the world.

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